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ScottRods AA/Gassers

ScottRods AA/Gasser Bugs

Al Borowski          ScottRods Green Goblin        1948 Anglia


Al Borowski

Crew: Chief:

Brian Borowski

Body:  Original 1951 Anglia imported by Ford of

England, steel body and doors with fiberglass

one-piece front end by ScottRods, glass windshield

and green plexiglass side and rear windows.

Frame:  Original frame boxed front to rear with

NHRA 8.50 certification.

Suspension:  Straight front axle with early Ford

spindles, friction shocks up front and single tranverse

spring, reversed Corair steering box.  In the rear,

ladder bars hold a 1962 Ford 9" rear end with

Moser 4.10 gear, spool, axles and QA1 coil overs.

Engine:  Big Block Chevy, cast iron block and heads,

internals are Eagle crank and rods, Malhe pistons,

Comp Cams valve train consisting of cam, filters, push

Rods, rockers, springs and retainers topped with a

Mooneyham 6-71 supercharger, a Hilborn 4-port

Injector and a Vertex Magneto by Masrus.